It is perfect for those companies that want to use the internet as support for their digital department or export strategy and need to set a very well-defined digital strategy.

This service aims to establish an international Digital Action Plan that determines the level of prioritization of the actions that can be undertaken, following the following scheme:

  • Diagnosis of state in the market; channel conflict, recommendations.
  • Analysis of supply and demand relationship.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Strategy studies and catchment channels: specialized databases, seo, sem, rrss, specialized media, prescribers, vertical and horizontal marketplaces.
  • Strategy studies and loyalty channels.
  • National / international e-commerce fiscal and legal aspects.
  • Definition of e-commerce work plan; price, distribution, logistics.
  • Suppliers analysis, demand and sector situation of marketplaces in key markets. selection of priority markets.


The objective of this plan is to get traffic to the company’s online store whether in Spain or in another target market through different promotional ways such as SEO, SEM or Social Networks in each country.

Operating marketing plan resolution to select which one of the ways below will be activated, allocating resources according to the characteristics of the online store to be promoted.

Plan of actions:

  • Audit and web adjustment in Spain or in the other destination market.
  • Diagnosis and recommendations of SEO optimization in the target market: plan for the regular generation of Web content.
  • Configuration and monitoring of SEM campaigns in the target market.
  • Configuration and monitoring of campaigns in RRSS in Spain or in the target market.
  • Analysis and selection of digital media in Spain or in the target market.
  • Analysis and selection of digital prescribers in Spain or in the target market.
  • Analysis and selection of members campaigns in Spain or in the target market.
  • Send monthly report with tracking indicators (KPIs).


1.- Amazon Plan (B2C): Ideal for businesses that sell to the private sector, and want to promote their national or international sales, in Europe or in the US markets, we also can study the use of logistics and marketing in Amazon as a complement.

Strategic introduction plan in Amazon: sector and competitors’ analysis, market selection and other recommendations.

Logistics model choosing (Amazon logistics advice)

Choice of model: Seller vs Vendor

Opening and setting up an account

Product catalog registration

2.- Alibaba Plan (B2B): Alibaba is the market leader in global relations between companies, with 160 million registered buyers and importers. The objective is to sell professionals anywhere in the world, including Spanish professionals. As in the Amazon case, this service consists of 2 clearly differentiated areas:

Strategic plan of penetration in Alibaba: sector analysis, countries that demand the most, selection criteria to filter quotation requests, etc.Process of registration, verification and configuration of the profile.Design and development of multi-language corporate mini-site.High and initial SEO optimization of product catalog.