It is the strategy used in order to optimise the usage of digital marketing tools within the competitive digital scene of the company.

It is essential to implement an effective digital strategy in digital environments to maintain relevance, differentiation and create value.

BusinessGoOn helps clients to start strategies that unifies digital business and architectures, as well as to enhance growth and gain a competitive advantage.

We have a methodology customized to the digital strategy of our customers, a key procedure that allows us to include analysis, forecasting and interaction models amongst different channels, markets and clients.

All that aims to achieve and implement an omnichannel model which requires two essential variables so as to succeed: strategic vision and technological development to unify all the different channels used to interact with the “new customer”.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing consists on reaching the user in a non-intrusive way, attracting them by generating content they find interesting.

Our BusinessGoOn team can develop an Inbound marketing strategy for your company, mixing time, place and content. Not only do we focus on identifying the target audience but also, we try to analyse it, understand it and identify their interests and preferences. From that moment on, once we are able to offer what is interesting for them, it takes place a strategy focused on increasing the website (or e-commerce etc) traffic.

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Online Reputation
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation.
  • Lead Nurturing.

Outbound Marketing

It consists on a set of actions aimed to sell products or services in a unidirectional way. Communication takes place from the company to the user with a clear goal of getting a conversion or sale.

Even though Outbound marketing is the opposite of Inbound marketing, in BusinessGoOn we believe that a mixed strategy is the most suitable one for developing the perfect digital strategy.

  • Email Marketing
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Online Marketing: Retargeting y Remarketing.
  • Social Media Ads

Digital Customer Experience

In order to make sure that customer experience really focuses on the consumer, you will need a strategy over customer experience using the most suitable channels, content and technology.


Now more than ever, consumers fall in love with everything beyond the firm’s actions and expect the company’s ethics to be the same as theirs. We will thoroughly examine your business to find out the real motives behind it, so we can shape the brand identity needed to attract the ideal public.

UX - User Experience

We believe that a superb user experience consists on optimising the customer’s ability to use and enjoy websites, apps and other digital platforms. Eventually, any interaction with online platforms means an interaction with the company, hence an opportunity to create unforgettable moments with the clients.

Not only do our UX solutions focus on creating dynamic and united experiences in every channel; but also, they create, test, implement and optimise digital experiences which any customer loves.


In a world more connected over time, the creation of e-commerce webpages at an international level can be a tough job. In this context, our customer wishes a balance between finding the appropriate content and keeping a coherent user experience.

We, the BusinessGoOn team, create tailored e-commerce websites, optimised for a better user experience yet being adapted to the international markets. It does not matter whether you want to create an online store or any other transactional platform such as a platform to book flights, accommodation etc. We mix the latest online-payments technology with security in order to make sure that the purchase does not show any trouble, regardless of the location.

Mobile & Web Apps

As the digital world evolves into a smartphone world there is a huge incentive for offering mobile services. However, so you can succeed, it is necessary coherence in terms of functionality amongst all platforms, from apps to website and social networks profiles.

Marketing Automation

Automatic learning makes our job much easier, gathering data and using it to simplify and improve processes by forecasting work patterns.

Either online or omnichannel, the potential that Marketing Automation brings to Marketing and Communication strategies within a company is huge.

Marketing Automation’s main goal is to act under technological solutions to make leads and sales generation automatic.

Benefits from marketing automation:

  • Manage efficiently the firm’s budget as you need less personnel, therefore being cost-efficient.
  • Schedule messages in order to optimise time and resources.
  • Track every action taken, as well as obtaining statistics and graphics about the results of those actions.
  • Database segmentation.
  • Know your customer and their habits, besides your potential clients.
  • Create and spread your brand image through different channels